Arizona Hunts

Arizona Mule Deer, Elk, Archery and Over the Counter Outfitter

We Offer the following hunts in Arizona:

Fully outfitted: Rockin A Outfitters provides the camp, food, wall tent / trailer, cots etc. Hunters bring hunting gear, warm bedroll, pillow, personal gear, etc..
2 on 1 or group hunts are available. Call 928-713-4329 for a customized hunt package for your situation.

General Deer hunts: 1 on 1

7 days – Full outfitted

7 days – Guided Only 

Az Strip/ Kiabab Deer hunts: 1 on 1

Full season 

OTC Archery Deer hunts: 1 on 1

7 days, Fully outfitted: Aug/Sept or Dec/Jan   

Elk hunts: 1 on 1

7 days – Fully outfitted 

14 days – Fully outfitted 

7 days – Guided only

14 days – Guided only

Options: Muzzleloader – early rifle – Late rifle


7 days, Fully outfitted 

7 days, Guided only

Javelina or predator hunts call for pricing.


This is exciting. Arizona offers archery hunters the opportunity to purchase archery tags for deer only over the counter. There are open units scattered throughout the state. These otc tags don’t have any affect on bonus points. So if you have been applying for or waiting for one of the coveted premier Arizona deer tags understand you can take advantage of the otc tags and get to experience hunting in Arizona while building your bonus points for the draw.
Tags can be purchased at sporting good stores Walmart etc… any place that sells hunting and fishing licenses.

The archery hunts are a split season hunt, usually starting late each Aug and running through the second week of Sept. Archery deer hunts will start again mid Dec and run through Jan.

These hunts are a blast! The early hunt in Aug/Sept allows hunters to glass and stalk velvet bucks in warm weather. The Dec/Jan seasons are usually cold weather hunts hoping to find a rutting buck chasing doe. Either way you don’t want to miss out.

If interested give Rockin A Outfitters a call so we can help you GET THE RUT On!

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Thank you for your interest in our Deer and Elk Hunts. We are a family owned and operated business. Phone us at 928-713-4329 with any questions you may have.

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