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Arizona offers archery hunters the opportunity to purchase archery tags for deer over the counter.  There are open units scattered throughout the state. Over the counter tags do not have any effect on bonus points. If you have been applying for a coveted, premier Arizona deer tag, you can take advantage of the over-the-counter tags and experience hunting in Arizona while building your bonus points for the draw.

The over-the-counter archery deer tag process has recently changed! To purchase your tag and license go to the Arizona Game and Fish Department website:

The archery hunts are a split season hunt, usually starting late each August and running through the second week of September. Archery deer hunts start again mid-December and run through January.

These hunts are a blast! The early hunt in August/September allows hunters to glass and stalk velvet bucks in warm weather. The December/January seasons are usually cold weather hunts, hoping to find a rutting buck chasing doe. Either way you do not want to miss out!


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